Monday, 11 November 2013

I owe a lot of cakes entry


I was such a long hiatus. 

I am terribly sorry to everyone. Oh well.. I was more active on my Instagram and Facebook account. 

Will do so as soon as possible to update my latest project on the candy buffet. I have finalised the packages as well..So insya'allah will update all pics as soon as possible... 

So sorry.. :(

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gift Box cake...


Alhamdulillah, finally Diana berjaya jugak menuntut ilmu dgn kak Fad on how to do a fondant gift box cake. 

It was indeed very challenging but went well. So now..insya'allah I can proudly say that "I now know how to do this kinda cake..." ^_^

For order, please do not hesitate to contact me further. :) 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Three tier Wedding Cake with Fresh Roses


This cake was made for a wedding held and organized by the committee of Masjid Al Mukminun USJ 2. Well, my mom requested for a simple cake.. and therefore, I thought having a fondant cake with fresh roses seems pretty nice. 

The cake is just a simple choc cake with ganache filling and coating. Covered with white fondant and tied a ribbon around it and yeay..I am done :)

Arrangement of the flowers were done moments before the cakes need to be delivered and assemble. 

Feel free to call me or email me for the price if interested :)

Enjoy the pics

I love the colour of the roses :)
6 inch top, 8 inch middle and 12 inch bottom


Pink and Dark Grey Damask


It's been a long hiatus..

Well my bad for neglecting this precious blog of mine. For those who didn't know, I am still active in baking.. cuma mmg jarang sgt2 update the cake dkt blog. Nevertheless..Insya'allah this year will be different as I will indeed go all out for this passion of mine. This recent cake of mine is an 8 inch choc cake with buttercream and fondant covered. It's just a simple cake and this is also my first time trying to use a designer's stencil on damask design. 

The customer actually requested for a very simple design but well myself insisted on putting one big flowers on the side. Initially wanted to do peony..but I couldn't locate the wires end up with the roses (although my parents said it looks like 'bunga cina').

I am still a newbie and yes..I do agree the stencils could have been better and not so 'comot'. I will definitely improve myself from now onwards~

Well, enjoy the pic..

from the top
from the sides


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Daria Rose is 1

Uishh... Diana nie suka jarang2 update blog :p

My next cake is for Miss Daria Rose. Of course ordered by her mother...:p
The theme is polkadot with red rose. Sweet kan??? *cair*

Diana yang bertuah nie luper plak nk snap the pic.. but nasib baik Kak Tini ada professional OP. So at least ada laa pic of my cake...

The cake was a 2 tier choc cake with choc filling and fondant covered on it. Enjoy the gorgeous pics.

This is the picca frm kak tini a.k.a Daria's mom~ *sebab tue laa pic nyer lawa*

This one from my hp yg murah shj. *sbb tue pixel lari sana sini*

Sgt suker buat kek kali nie~

For Daria's rose, Diana try guna gumpaste for the first time...n without a doubt i really love it. Sgt senang nak bentuk n my roses turn out lovely *masuk bakul angkat sendiri kah??* But i was a bit geram sama rose saya...sebab dia x nak jd warna merah. Segala jenis merah sudah colour dia still ala-ala pink jugak~ *sob..sob* But...definitely after this..semua jenis bunga Diana nak guna gumpaste more fondant~ Lambat bebenor nak keringnyer hah~

Thank you Kak Tini for the order and thanks to colleague for introducing me to her... ^_^

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cupcake Tower of Kak Nani's

Kak Nani is my bestfriend elder sister.. This is ordered by Kak Ina's (the eldest) as a gift for Kak Nani.. super sweet kan ?? *love*

Kak Nani punyer wedding adalah sgt superb. Lawa giler. Serious terkedu kejap wkt tgk the interior deco. Terus berangan nak sebijik cenggitu... *dream on*

Since the very beginning, Kak Nani dh ckp she prefer to have cupcake tower sebab dia nak semua org boleh mkn kek tue nnt instead kalau buat kek tingkat2 tue tp nnt xde org mkn. She prefer buttercream sebab fondant is way too sweet. The idea is similar to one of the cuppies tower on Martha Stewart's website.

When we've agreed with the colour and everything..I need to construct the stand first laa kan. To ensure the cuppies n the cake will not terbalik wkt the cake cutting ceremony. So in order for me to do the cupcake stand.. I use the base of 22 inch cake board, 16 inch cake board for the middle tier and 12 inch for the top tier. Jenuhla ber-DIY kt rumah mlm tue sebab nk ensure the stand will stay strong. The lace mmg jenuh giler nk cari..I actually go to 3 diff shops just because nak cari lace yg berkenan kt hati. Wkt tue dh sgt cuak..what if I can't find one?? Sgt bersyukur sebab jumpa jugak akhirnya dkt the last shop in Shah Alam.

After tunggang terbalik dgn my mom n my dad..this is the outcome of the stand. Not perfect..but I'm happy with it sebab I'm an amateur. First time kot bwat stand nie~

For the cake n cuppies, Kak Nani want a mixture between Vanilla cuppies n Chocolate cuppies. However, for the main cake she want vanilla. The main cake adalah sgt unik.. sebab Kak Nani nak the giant cupcake for it with the initial of A & Y on top of it. Utk cuppies tue plak..every cuppies will have the love shape with their initial as well. In total.. the cuppies we use abt 100 pcs of them n one big giant cupcake.

This is at the backstage. After dh siap susun semua cuppies

Kak Nani n Yus during cake cutting

Thanks to my dad for the great pic.

First time buat cupcake tower. Super cuak kot wkt Anis bgtau Kak Ina nk tempah cake dgn Diana. For Kak Nani's punyer wedding plak tuhh !! *nervous okehh :p* Hopefully she's satisfied with the outcome.

Selamat Pengantin Baru for Yus n Kak Nani...^_^

Khairina's Birthday ^_^

This cake is for lil Khairina's 5th Birthday. Khairina's birthday actually falls in sebab nk celebrate kt kindie n ada few of her friends yg tgh belajar postponed her celebs after raya. Khairina is actually my neighbour. Aunt Raja (her mother) order the cake through email dkt office.

Since Khairina really like aeroplane..that is why the edible image ada pic aeroplane with her name on it. Credit to my father sebab tlg designkan the ei for me. As usual..tmph EI mstla dgn kak lea. :)

Kek Khairina nie lain sket dr org lain sebab I've decided to ltk filling for all cakes frm now on. So for her cake I made a choc filling for it. Sebab the cake bermotifkan aeroplane.. I just put a lot of white clouds around it ^_^. Tak nak guna fondant sgt sebab the filling dh sweet n small kids x blh mkn sugar byk sgt kan?? Nnt hyper x tentu pasal plak~ :p

Comel kan? I'm glad both Khairina n Aunt Raja really likes the cake.

Cake: Chocolate Moist with Choc Filling
Icing: Buttercream
Deco: Edible Image

Red Velvet

This flavour is like super duper famous rite now kan? Ramai sgt2 org suka makan RV kan...

Diana byk giler kot buat cake mana ntah pic diorg..*sob..sob* Tak igt dah Diana save kt mana. Nie jumpa RV cuppies jer which is ordered by Nurul from office n Kak Serina's for her open hse. Nurul dh order lama daa..before puasa lg. RV for Nurul I used a combination between cream cheese n mascarpone whereas utk Kak Serina's purely cream cheese. Biasala Diana kan...sesuka jer nk try test new recipe :p

Kak Serina's


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Kak Wardati's

This order is a bit last minute kinda order.. Maka nyer saya pun terpaksala menggunakan resources yg ada n the deco pun simple jerla ehh. Cuppies nie utk dibagi pada family pengantin of the other side as door gift. Since it's be safe i just go for flowers.....

The theme colour was purple n white. Kak Wardati ordered 50 pcs of fondant deco cuppies. So here's the pics..

The one yg nmpk roll byk2 tue sebenarnyer the roses yg roll styles tuhh.. Tp x nmpk rupa kan?? *sigh* kena blaja buat byk2 lg kot nie kan~

Dlm pic nie nmpk the fondant mcm colour biru plak kan? Padahal it's purple kot.. Yg nmpk sebijik mcm purple tue sbnrnyer dh mix dgn burgundy colour~

I just hope she likes the cuppies n the newly wed pun suka jugak~ ^_^

Good Luck Cake

This order come from my boss. It's for her daughter. She got the chance to further her study at CFS, IIUM doing medic. Hebat kan???

Simple je the deco sebab I can't use fondant bcoz it's way too sweet. Nak lukis2 pakai buttercream...tak brp mahir lg kang lain plak jadinyer *sob..sob*

Cake: Chocolate Moist Cake
Icing: Buttercream
Weight: 1.5 kg